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These two are actually models and have never taken the tour.If they did THEY WOULD PROBABLY
“We were referred to Starfire Productions Misguided Tours by a friend and were extremely pleased with the product quality and customer service received.We definitely plan to buy from Starfire Productions Misguided Tours in the near future!”

“First of all it was fun! It was informative. I’ve been working in Bloomington for 25 years and learned some things about Bloomington and Indiana I did not know.

Sharon is very joyful and outgoing person and puts on a great show making it interesting and fun.Overall it was a very enjoyable experience.”
Brian Dorsey


i could tell you so much more about the tour but…

These people just left the tour and look how happy the are…wait, that sounds wrong somehow.



 THE BLOOMINGTON CONVENTION AND VISITORS BUREAU….334-8900.  Misguided Tours offers the best things to do in Bloomington indiana.